When some little seed is planted.

The other day, someone planted a seed in my head. It’s so easy to do. You say something or hear something and all of a sudden you have this unconscious feeling in you that won’t go away. We really have to watch what we hear. Good or bad seeds can grow.

The other day someone planted a seed in my head that we sometimes need to just give in and have that bad thing to eat like a fast food burger or whatever. I don’t eat fast food burgers anymore. When they first came out we drove 50 miles to get one. But that was years ago. The seed has been growing in my head for a week now and I haven’t gotten a burger yet, but I want one. 🙂

It’s so easy to plant seeds. When you truly want something in your life, plant those seeds. If you want to take a vacation, lose weight, buy something, whatever it is you need to put it in front of you and in your mind at all times. Stop and take a minute here and there to really focus on it. Visualize it in your mind, see yourself truly having what you want.

I wanted to go to Hawaii once.There was no way I thought I could ever go to Hawaii. But I planted the seed. There was a lot of  tragic things happening in my life and I just wanted to get away for my 50th birthday. Long story short, as I was telling my son I wanted to get away and go to Hawaii he said then go, he walked out of the house I walked across the hall and a paper dropped on the floor in front of me. It was a post card of Hawaii from my daughters pile of papers. She had past away several weeks earlier. She new I wanted to go to Hawaii before she died. I had to clean out her apartment and that pile of papers just happened to be there from her apartment I had to sort through. I new in that instant that I was being told to go to Hawaii. And I thank my daughter for making it come to pass. From the other side she directed me to go. It was from the extra money I had from her insurance money that I was able to go. All of this a coincidence, I think not.

If I could still have my daughter I would never care about going anywhere. I just want you to know that there are many ways God will use to help you with things you want, need or have to do. Don’t let that flash thought pass you by, Those flash thoughts, urges,intuitions, gut feelings all mean something. If you are willing to hear and see and do what you need to do. Thing is most of the time we dismiss them as fast as they come.

If you are asking for something just know the way is being  shown to you. You must be willing to except the answer. It may not be the most direct answer, you may have to do some things that don’t make sense, or you may be shown things that is telling you to be patient. Sometimes we have to do things till it comes to pass, or just keep doing the right thing. Then one day it happens.  I always find that when it’s not happening when I want it, he gives me things that shows me he hears me, but it isn’t right that second it will happen. This is the time to stand strong, keep the faith and truly believe. Don’t give up. He put all those dreams and desires in your heart. If you truly want them and decide it’s time to have them it will happen. When a wish becomes a desire that won’t go away. It will happen.

How many people have something they really want? Bring it to the front of your thinking put it on the front burner and keep a close watch on it, waiting for it . Tune in to the how. The simple things that will make it come to pass. God bless.



God uses certain things to help guide you.

There are many ways that God uses to help lead and guide us. We may feel it or sense it but not follow it. Or we second guess it. One big way that God speaks to me is through books. I would like to tell you that I do everything I’m shown to do but unfortunately I don’t. I’m trying to get better at it everyday.

One day I was sitting down by the river writing my book. And as always seeking answers. It was a  beautiful fall day and I was all alone. Then my peace was interrupted by a women. She didn’t bother me, she came quietly down and sat a ways  behind me. We sat silent for a long time in our own space. I had to go past her to get something out of the car, as I  passed her I said hi. When I came back we got talking, she had written a book and gave it to me. Dying to Live. Which I thought was amazing here I am in the middle of no where and a book is handed to me. I went home and read that book in about two hours. What did God share with me that day. The book was small and simple. It had a message in it big time. It was everything I needed to help me keep going.

When you are open God will share what you need, no matter where you may be . Stay open to the ways he will use to speak to you.

When I ask for something I keep my mind open , I know that he will answer me. He always does. It may not be the exact thing I want but it will be a guiding answer. I may have to wait longer for what I want, but I have total faith that what I ask for will happen. I can ask a hundred times and he is gracious to answer a hundred times.With his answer to guide me. I may have to do things he wants me to do till what I want comes to pass. But he helps me every step as I seek him.

You may be sick or overweight or have an addiction. Or whatever it is . He may be showing you things like change your diet. Eat a certain food, or do something you don’t want to do. Go to a certain place for healing or help. You come to him over and over and you feel the same things he is nudging you to do. But you don’t think it will work or you just don’t want to do it. He won’t give up on answering you, trying to show you the way. You may give up on him for the answer. Just know, it’s not him giving up on you it’s you giving up on you, and you giving up on God. I always say the way is simple and hard. It’s what we make it. Just try and take the first step then another. Baby steps are just as important as big steps.

When you are asking God for something, don’t dismiss a flash thought in your head or a picture or someone saying something that may connect to your question. Today as simple as I’m saying to myself I should eat avocado on my toast. I jump on my computer open to  my yahoo inbox and there is something saying on my fitness pal, ” why avocados may help you live longer.”  Ever wonder when your thinking about eating better or getting into shape you are drawn to the answers but chose to ignore. 🙂  Have a great , blessed day.

Where is the connections to God in us?

Listen to that still small voice inside you

God lives in us, therefore we are connected to him. I have always been able to feel and sense God in me, even as a child. Some people may not believe that, if you are one who isn’t  sure of that I will go further. There are people out there who have been in a situation where you felt strongly not to do something and by listening to that feeling found that it saved your life. That is the God that lives in us. We have these feelings living inside of us from the day we are born, intuition, gut feelings, premonitions, little voice,or a screaming voice ,urges,  something that gently pushes us. A feeling that we should do a certain thing. We follow it and we may even take it for granted and not really acknowledge what it is. That is our God living in us helping us to move in the right direction. Sometimes we may not listen and find ourselves saying I should of listened to what I was feeling. I have had this happen many times in my life. I try to follow it but sometimes I get in a rush and try to ignore it. Like the time I broke my foot, while hanging my flower baskets. My little voice as I call it was Screaming stop, don’t do this, go get your ladder, stop standing on these things, its not save. I didn’t listen I though just this one more time and I’m done. And I was done. Down on the porch floor I went, hearing a loud crack, breaking my foot.

I have had other times as well, One time driving to North Carolina, it was sleeting, there was about 4 inches of sleet on the road. My windshield was icing up. I was also driving a little BMW at 65 mph. There were other vehicles passing me as well . I kept hearing this voice in my head telling me to get off the road and clean my windshield off. I said God could you please let the sun come out and clear my windshield off. Amazingly the sun came out for about 1 minute and it melted the ice a little bit.( The sun only came out that whole day for that One minute). The voice still said get off the exit and clear your windshield off. So I followed that voice. I got off the road long enough to clear off my windshield, got back on the road and say traffic stopped. I turned on the radio heard there was an accident. I felt strong to leave room between the cars ahead of me. It gave me the room I needed to turn my car around and get off the exit which I told others to do. I got around the wreak on a road that was parallel to the highway. I saw the wreak and the cars involved were the same cars I was driving with and those that passed me. Had I not listened to that voice inside me I too what of been involved in that wreak. There were trucks on top of cars, 11 vehicles involved. Thanks to my little voice (God) I am still here enjoying life. There have been lots of times like these.

One time I could not turn my steering wheel to get into the middle lane to make a left hand turn, at that very second a tractor trailer coming towards me swerved into the middle lane going quite fast. Had I been able to turn I would have been hit head on and probably  been killed.

Thanks to my inner connections to God. You have them as well. Learn to tune into those God connections, it will help you make the right choice.



Simple ways God uses everyday

I asked God for a word for my path today. (that was yesterday)  I was drawn to this book I’ve had a long time, the short story was about a women finding music in a Colorado stream after she asked God for a song, something to help her in her life at that moment. The story was about God giving her music through nature that helped her through the ups and downs of life. After reading that I was going to ride my bike. Pulled out a few papers that was in my phone carrier I use some times riding my bike and what does the paper I look at say. ” So there you have it how music can change your mood.”  I laughed because it couldn’t of been any better timing. After my bike ride I went to do some journaling, I was sitting there and my eyes went to the bookshelf to my bible. I didn’t want to take the time at that second but the urge was to great so I heard in my mind Psalm 92 then Psalm 95 so I read both of them. They were all about music and singing to God giving him praise. For those of you who don’t know me I was part of a worship team for 17 years, and I’ve put that on the back burner for a long time.  I then got a flash of the songs I wrote and the songs my husband wrote and felt I needed to take them and do something with them. They have been sitting there idle for years. Later I was talking to my husband and out of know where he started talking about his songs.  Coincidence? I think not.

All of this was connected to show and speak to me to get back into my music to God. It is were I love to be, and it feels like home when I do spend the time praising and worshipping God in song, singing and playing my guitar or keyboard.

My blog!

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to my blog! It’s been on my heart to help people understand how we have an inner connection to God, and the ways He connects with us, to lead, guide and direct us. Learning to hear and understand what you are truly hearing.  Cutting through all the chatter within to really hear that voice within, will help you to go through this life knowing that you are never alone. It will help you deal with life in a much better way. You will learn that if you take the time you will be able to really receive all the answers to your questions.When you quiet your mind and be still, ask what you need and really listen to that voice within you will find that it has always been there to lead you.

How do you quiet your mind from all this chatter and noise all around you? Sit down in  a quiet place, start taking some deep breaths hold for a second and breath out and focus on the breath, this helps you to get focused. Continue to do this relaxing breath work, then return to a normal breathing pattern. Sit quietly and ask the question you need an answer to. When your mind wanders always bring it back to your breath, this helps you stay focused.   Once you feel that you have done this long enough go about your business and expect you will receive your answer.

It can come in all kinds of ways. You will be drawn to the answer or the answer will be drawn to you. Make sure you are open to receiving it. I receive answers through so many ways.  Books, people overhearing someone talking, an article, a song, a sign or billboard, a license plate. I  have had answers to my questions come all kinds of ways. Don’t forget feelings, inklings, gut feelings, little voice, loud voice, intuition. There are some many ways. Some people feel red cardinals or things like that have been a sign. Red cardinals, eagles and birds have come to me as signs. Once you learn to really listen you will hear all you need to hear.

If you feel unsure of and answer you will find that you will receive the answer again and again, if you ask, and then listen.

Have a Great Day!    Tammy    Continue reading “My blog!”