This is something that I really feel like writing about today. There are always two sides to every story and the third one, that can explain the two sides. Each person will see things totally different. I tend to see things differently then others. It’s always good to be as clear as possible, as to what you feel like you are hearing. Lots of times  I can hear both sides of two peoples situation and hear and see something before I know the whole truth. It’s easy to stand back and be on one persons  side, and decide that this side is the right side, without hearing the other persons side. Weather it be your side or someones elses side.We can put on our blinders and ear plugs, so we can’t hear what the other persons feelings are in the situation. Listen to both sides of your situation or someone elses, before making a judgement.

I suggest to people to look hard at both sides. Even when I am trying to help someone and they don’t want my help. I can see there side. If they don’t see my side that may be a help to them, then I need to except that and let it go.

The best way to get along with people is to see both sides of things. Your side and their side. If you can’t or don’t want to see their side or get to a place to work through the situation, then you are not doing the best thing you can do, to be the best you can be, and have a great relationship with that person. If that doesn’t work, agree to disagree and let it go.

Communication is the best thing to help you be the best person you can be. Along with kind, caring , giving and nice.  That’s a great positive combination.

Have a great weekend. God Bless 🙂


It is so very important in this time of busyness ,craziness, and all that goes along with our life and shedules. We need to be refreshed daily. I realize sometimes its hard to get into that state of quietness. It is harder not to. Meditation helps you to get focused and calm. It renews you with a since a peace that all is well with my soul. It connects you to your God source within and above. It makes you feel like you can do all things because you have peace within.

It you aren’t doing meditation get started now. It is just quiet time to refresh and recharge. Taking deep breaths is a part of life we need as well. When I started meditation, yoga and deep breaths I didn’t realize the value in deep breaths. It helps to restore you. Think about it, when you have gotten mad and you take a few deep breaths. You may not  have even realized it but you body was doing a natural thing to calm you down and get you under control.

Try it. Start with five minutes. Morning and before bed. Sit down and just be still taking deep breaths focus on breathing and leave thought out of it. If thought comes in gently let it go.

Have a wonderful blessed day. Sending miracles of great health, wealth success, healing to you. God bless 🙂


Ask and you will find it

Learning to tune in will help you in every area of your life.  I  like to ask a question like when I am looking for something and can’t find it. I will stop ask where it is quiet my mind, take some deep breaths and just meditate for a couple of minutes. Just quiet and feel confident I will find what I’m looking for. And almost every time I find what I’m looking for.

One time  my grandson was looking for a tiny toy. He said it was in the basement and the basement at his house has lots of stuff in it . He hadn’t been able to find it for weeks so I said let’s pray and ask God to find it. We found it in 2 minutes. Now he ask me to do that all the time.

Ask and believe you will receive. Have a great day 🙂

Follow simple promptings

I am always amazed when I have learned to tune in the simplest thing like seeing a pair of binoculars thinking I should take them but didn’t then two minutes later in the car we saw something interesting in the sky. I went to grab my binoculars and the other pair for my grandson to look at these planes only to find I had taken them out of my car. The other pair I didn’t grab were his. If I would have grabbed them he would of had a good time trying to look at those planes, since he was in a grumpy mood about something.

Why am I sharing this simple story. Because it may not seem like anything, but it is learning to tune into the small things that help you tune into the things that may be of great importance to your well being. All you have to do is follow your prompting to do something and then make sure you do it. It will be your baby steps to much greater and bigger things. Remember baby steps,  are all you need to do to get started.

Have a wonderful blessed day. Find happiness in the day. 🙂

Change how you think

” We are born in 1 day, we die in 1 day, we can change in 1 day, we can fall in love in 1 day. Anything can happen in just 1 day.”

I don’t know who wrote that quote but I like it and I believe this. Anything can happen in an instant. We must never lose sight of that idea. A million people can tell you that is exactly what happened to them. We must never have doubt in our thinking that what you want will never happen. We must believe that when we ask we will receive. And we must not ever give up hope in what we want. Yes, it can happen to you in an instant as well.  If you are having a problem believing that go get a book that tells you about people who in an instant received just what they were asking for.

We don’t realize how much our thinking attracts what we want or what we don’t want. With our words we create our world. We can speak out all kinds of positive quotes,or speak out what we want but if we aren’t living with that belief every minute we are just canceling out what we are saying. We must be living that belief as if it is already. This is the hardest part of change. Our thoughts want to fall back on the old way of thinking. We go through this constant battle to get rid of the old way of thinking, the old habit.

It says that in the bible to act as if.  You must always hold in your thinking what you want, and that if you have to reaffirm your new idea a thousand times an hour then do it, for that will eventually sink down in to your new way of thinking. I would love to say that this is easy, but I would not be telling the truth. Is it worth doing this? Yes it is. Find yourself the right positive phrase that will help you change your life and every time those negative doubts and thoughts come in to steal what you want , speak  that phrase. If you need to do it a thousand times a day then do it. Remember that those negative thoughts are coming into your thinking just as many  times as you are saying the positive phrase, maybe even more and have been your whole life. You just don’t realize it because it is ingrained deep into your subconscious thinking, it has become a part of who you are.

If you can’t say things as if they already are because you feel like its a lie then try to just say words you want. For instance if you are heavy and want to be slim, and saying I am slim, trim and healthy feels like a lie to you. Then replace it with slim trim, healthy. If you want wealth and battle with lack, say wealth when lack comes into play. I don’t have enough money, throw that phrase completely out, say more money or the way is being made right now. Squeeze out those negative phrases we all live with. Once you build into your life the right words to speak you will find you will draw more of what you want back to you. Just remember it is what we speak we draw more of the same to us. That is the Law of attraction.       ” Speaking what we want draws more of that back to us”.

Have a wonderful blessed day.

You have all you need to become just who you want to be. 🙂


Try these baby steps

I would like to share the simple things of tuning into the God source within, that we all have. I’m going to just lay out a good basic plan of action that will help you get better connected.

Wake up and give God thanks for all you have. Life is the greatest gift and great health is even a greater gift. Just think about that when your feeling bad. Just say I am grateful for life, great health,  thank him for  healing (in advance if you are sick)  and whatever comes to your mind you feel grateful for.

Ask God to lead, guide and direct every step you take. That he will direct you to everything you need. Remember to keep your antennae tuned in for answers. They will come, maybe not in the way you may think they will, but they will come.

Set your intentions for the day. I like to spend a few minutes visualizing what I want and throughout the day I will do this as well. It’s  like watching tv in my mind to the channel I want to watch. I’m the creator and producer.

Do a meditation, any amount of time is better than none. If you can’t then do a guided meditation. That quiet time is so valuable to feel and hear things. Take deep breaths, and try your best to keep focused. Put the earbuds in to help you tune out the world.

Make sure you find a few minutes at least, to find guidance. All of these things can be done in a few minutes, first thing in the morning or during the day. When you are learning to tune it you must make the time to do so. Just starting with a few minutes is your first steps. They will become habits you will not want to live without.

Baby steps to your simple connection will start you on your way to having your best life ever. Have a great day! Sending you great blessing to hear, feel and see God.  🙂

Not feeling God.

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July. I write this blog to help people see that God is real and lives with us daily.

I went to a place to eat and we usually sit at the bar to socialize with others. We got talking to a couple as well as the bar tender. I heard a comment from the bartender we were talking with about going to a service for something, was just a quick remark, but I caught it . And then this lady we were talking with said she didn’t believe in God. I’m not one to push God down peoples throat but I am not afraid to ask questions as to why when the door is opened in that way. I will ask questions about anything so why would I feel any differently about God. We had a nice short chat and hopefully I may have shared something that makes her think. About God living within and how he leads guides and directs us. She grew up Catholic and was disillusioned with church and God.  I also saw the bartender was trying to hear what we were talking about. There was also another bartender there and some of his remarks I could tell were from a christian back round.

I did get to talk with the bartender as well and he felt the same way. Both were Catholics and disillusioned with church and God. I find this happening more and more. That is not only with Catholic church but all religions. People are missing God. They aren’t finding him in the traditions of church and they are not seeing the workings of God. I find I go to churches and I don’t feel God anywhere.  I feel like they go through the motions in a lot of churches because it’s what they have been taught. I’m feeling a shift, and that the rituals and chanting s I’m hearing aren’t helping Gods people. I feel very sad but I also know that with this happening the shift will open the way for God to move again.

God has not forgotten us, we have become distracted with the busyness of the world, which is making us angrier and unhappy people, that want to fight and argue with others .Lets face it take a look around you, look at the world,  love is dwindling, impatience, intolerance, unhappiness, depression, anxiety, stress addictions are all on the rise.  It is because we have disconnected to the one true source that we need to have a happier balanced life.

Look to the source within that is with you. Take time to be quiet and seek guidance. That few minutes will begin to change your life. To have a better balanced life. When you seek you will find. Have a great day. Remember to send up a prayer for protection for you and your family daily. You might not even realize it because you don’t see things working behind the scenes but it really does work.  God bless you all with safe travel wherever you go.  🙂