If you have a dream go for it

I have had many ideas and dreams in my life. Some have happened and some sit on a shelf getting dusty. Some of my ideas sitting on that shelf getting dusty, I look at and sadly say that because I let circumstances get in the way of accomplishing them, someone else made them a reality and are making it big from that idea. Sometimes I spent a lot of time on them and let someone’s negative remark stop me from making them a reality.

Don’t let this be you. I’m going to share a couple ideas I had but for reasons I did not pursue them. First being bottled water. When I was a kid there was no bottled water. As we all know now going places water taste different. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. And soda or juice doesn’t help you quench your thirst.  I would say at 10 years old I want to buy water in a bottle like soda. I want to be able to go to the soda machine and push a button and get a bottle of great tasting water.  ( I was 10 I didn’t know how to get adults to listen to me)

Everyone told me I was crazy and no one would ever pay for bottled water. Water is free why would people pay for it. I would say because some places the water taste so bad you don’t want to drink it. Guess what those people were so wrong.

Another idea, I worked hard on was positive programming. I made several messages years ago. I put a lot of time in these messages. But I let someones remark make me second guess myself. And put them on a shelf. Now how many messages are out there that help you with positive programming.

It is better to try and fail then to fail to try. You have a chance when you try and put your idea out there. If you don’t someone else will do it and you will be kicking yourself for giving up. Never give up on an idea. It just might be the greatest idea in the world.  You will never know unless you try.

Have a great day! You are worth it! You are powerful! You count!  🙂

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Are you letting negative vibrations control you?

I have always been amazed by the telephone. How our voice can travel anywhere in the world at a split second and the person on the other end hears you in that moment. You can be thousands of miles away but there you are hearing the person talk to you as if you are right next to them. Sometimes if that person is in a foul mood just from talking with them can get you in that same place. And you are not even in the same area.

Now lets take a look at something, our world has become filled with so much negative chatter its out of control. From being unhappy, angry, impatient, mean, inconsiderate, miserable cranky, intolerant people, that are constantly complaining about everything and anything, the air waves or vibrations are filled with this negative noise.   Now think about this. there are many many air wave frequencies traveling in the air transmitting tons of voices. I feel that all of these negative frequencies can and do affect us. I think these frequencies really do not help us to be positive happy people.

Then  add to this the  negative television ,news, movies, books, and all the other things that we allow ourselves to hear. You can’t help but see were all of this negative in ourselves and our world come from. It bombards us at every angle.

That is why we need to constantly go into our quiet place and recharge so we can keep ourselves protected from all this negative that is trying to fill us and consume our  positive self. Fill yourself with as much positive as you can. Change all your negative talk to positive talk.

Find peace joy and positive, go within and get recharged. Have a recharged day 🙂

Keep your desires in front of you.

I would like to share a few things that I have learned over the years. The number one thing I have found is being persistent. Next thing, never give up no matter what. I sometimes have a problem with being persistent in pursuing the things I want and need to happen in my life. Persistence, never giving up, and the last thing, keep it in front of you, whatever it is you want.

There was something I wanted for my life and it was taking a really long time. I felt that I needed to do something to keep me on track. So I decided to light a candle. Lighting a candle  for me means I’m committed to something, I’m very serious about this, I need results.  It gives me a strong connection to what I want. I wanted to keep this candle  burning around the clock so I would continue to keep it close in my thoughts and send up positive and grateful words, as well as prayers for my desire to come to pass.  I used an electric candle. (leaving a real candle burning unattended is not a good idea.)   I put it in a place that I walked past all the time. I made a pact that every time I walked past it I would send up something, a prayer, a thank you or a positive declaration and  I must do it every time I saw it. Yes  EVERY TIME.

What I found in doing this ritual,  Having it close in my thoughts all the time helped the universe bring the things I needed to me. The ways, the means, people, whatever I needed  were coming to me all of the time. It gave me a good feeling, It made me believe without a shadow of a doubt it will happen. And it worked very well.

Just remember something, each thing or person you are connected to, may just be the next connection to something else you need. Kinda like a puzzle, each piece put together becomes the picture you want. So don’t shrug off something or someone as being a no big deal. It may be the biggest piece you need to connect all the pieces together to acquire what you want..

Be persistent, never give up, keep your desire in front of you and follow the promptings, even if they feel like they mean nothing at all. It’s in the little things that make bigger things come to pass

Have a great day!   🙂


Whose way do you follow?

I got this from my source I call God. Yes I believe God is always speaking to me. And I will always believe that. He leads guides and directs me everyday. I welcome Him and I ask Him daily for his guidance.

The worlds way is suppose to be the right way. Gods way may be different then how the world sees things. So tell me whose way do you follow? I will follow Gods way every time. Because Gods ways are not our ways. But they are the right way.

Stop following the negative chatter that is making you unhappy, unhealthy, and stuck in a place you don’t want to be .

The world see’s things their way and they want you to see things their way. That way is supposed to be the right way. And you are supposed to do it the worlds way. The way people tell you it should be done. Is this making you happy?

If you seem to be in this unhappy, miserable place, are you seeking God?  Are you thankful and grateful for all you have? Do you love with all your heart? Do you help where you can help? Are you shinning Gods light in everything you say and do?

Ask yourself who is leading your thinking? In everything on earth and in this day there is something we can be grateful for. Draw more of that to you. And you will find more good things will be drawn to you.

Turn each day around, if you are in a bad mood, unhappy, sad, or depressed mood, look to God and find a way to be a light to someone else. Spread a little happiness to someone else. There are many ways. You will find if you do this, it will help you.

Simple yet hard. Find what makes you happy.  Have a blessed day.   🙂



Why do I do what I do? Why do I not listen to what I hear and know in my heart  I need to do? Why do I ask a question millions times, only to ask  a million more times and still receive the same answer, and act like I haven’t heard it. Why do I ignore the answer and hope the answer I get will be a magic pill I can take or a  magic wand that will make it happen instantly or make it all better?

I think we all want this to be the answer. Struggles are hard, not being able to find the solution to our problems, we get frustrated and give up. I find that to be the truth. I also find that when I have to go through struggles or storms if I look, I will find answers and the right things to do, to apply to my life. Even though this lesson I am learning is hard or painful I must not give.  I must learn to keep going. And to help others.

Sometimes we have to go through struggles or storms to learn, or they will make us stronger for another person. Fair or not, we all go through things we don’t want to go through. I can’t say why we have to go through these things. But I have learned through each struggle, these things have made me stronger and I have found that I can help someone else that has to go through the same struggle.

Why? I think we will find out why, on the other side of this life we are living. No matter how hard it is, believe you will get through it and you will be stronger for it. I have been through a lot of very hard storms, I never ever wanted to go through. Let these struggles make you stronger, not weaker. If you have lost a loved one like I have, know that they are in a better place then you are, and do the best you can while you are here on this earth.  Be the helping hands to someone that is in a storm or going through a struggle. It is what makes this world a better place. You are not  alone.

God bless you in the storm or in this struggle. Look up, look within, and reach out towards the hands that want to help you through. Love and light to you all.   🙂


How many times?

How many times are we told something that we just don’t want to listen to? You can feel it in your heart your whole being , and still you do not follow what you know to be true, so you fail to do. We are all like this in some area of our lives.

We allow all kinds of excuses to come in so we don’t have to do the thing we should be doing. We feel it is easier to ignore it and just not do it. When in truth it is the opposite. If we would do the thing that is continually in our thoughts and heart to do,  life, would be so much better.

Have you ever wanted to do something and just allowed fear to keep you from what you wanted?  Most people are afraid to take risks for fear it will not work out. Ask yourself many questions and try to answer them. What if  I do this? And then what would happen if it didn’t work out? And What if it did work out? Now ask yourself. How will I feel if I never try to make this a reality?

It’s always great to write this all down and really go into detail, about all the pros and cons of doing it, verses not doing it. You can do anything great you set your mind to do. You have the power within. Take the first steps.

Life’s to short, take the chance.     Have a great day!  🙂

Tune in to where your thoughts are

If you find yourself always having the same things happening to you, you must really take a look at where your thoughts are taking you. For it is there that we must change who we are or we will always come up with the same results.

Remember that everything, I mean EVERYTHING starts in our thoughts. You may not realize it but you are drawing these same results to you because you are doing the same thing everyday that keeps you on this crazy merry go round. You are your thoughts, your thinking.

Keeping your mind on things you want, and off the things you don’t want takes effort, but it is possible. If you are in this place and want to get off this merry go round then you need to start doing the things needed to change those bad habits, that keep you stuck from moving forward.

Start really focusing on what you know in your heart that should change and do it. Ignoring what you know to be true will only keep you stuck and if you need some help, ask for help. You are where you are, from how you think. Your thoughts make you or break you. Give up the bad thinking once and for all.

Have a great day God bless.   🙂

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