Unplugged from our source of energy

I am always amazed how I get my answers when I seek. I was feeling a lot of pain for a couple of days. Arthritis trying to take me down. I said no way. I realized that I needed to focus on feeling better. And as I wrote that in my journal I had a number of books on my desk and I looked right at Louise Hays book  “How you can heal your life.” I opened  the book up to pain (no coincidence) and I realized how stressed out I was feeling. I was so tight. I started to unwind my body. By breathing and telling my body to relax.  I  then wrote down the areas of my body that were hurting me listed in the back and the book for healing each part .(Get the book- its teaching you to love your body) I will tell you,  I FEEL GREAT NOW.

I have been reading another great book called ” God and the afterlife” talking about peoples near death experiences. Great book. It is by  Dr.Jeffrey Long with Paul Perry who composed all these stories of these near death experiences where people were dead for a moment. If you are afraid of dead or wonder  where a loved one is, you need to read it. He does a terrific job of explaining it. God lead me right to this book in the library. Why I got it at the time I don’t know, I really didn’t feel like reading any books at that time. I wasn’t there to pick up a book.  But it was something that God  wanted me to read to help me understand a little more, so I could finish this short book I’ve been directed to write.

There is an afterlife, it is our home we left to come to earth. We are here on earth and feel disconnected from your source, and we don’t know how to plug in to our energy source/God. We are draining down more and more each day because we aren’t plugging in. We are to be love and light in this world but more and more darkness is consuming our world. We ask why?  Because love and light, are not hatred, negativity, indifference, anger, sadness, intolerance and darkness. We are feeding into the darkness daily because we have lost our  energy charge.

We have allowed mans thinking to govern all our thoughts and continue to do so daily. Which leads us to negative talk, addictions, sickness, diseases, and feeling totally horrible, leading us to pills and other things to take the pain away. We are searching everywhere for our energy and our source to provide us with what we need and can’t find it in these things, making us feel hopeless. We try anything and everything to make us happy and nothing works because we are so programmed by mans ways that we crowd out the ways of God and how to connect.

We are believing the lies that direct us to our unhappiness and pain. We want anyone and everyone to fix our lives. You have to realize, that without our connection to our source, we will continue to live this way. For it is not mans ways it is Gods ways. It’s time to stop listening to what man is saying and time to take charge of our life.

I find the path clearer and clearer everyday. I constantly seek God and ask him questions daily. I sometimes fail to listen to his directions but I will never give up and I will always stay plugged in to my source of energy and guidance. Through communing with him in silence, and asking questions  and direction, then letting it go in silent meditation knowing he will give me my answers. I also know that he gives me free will to do the things he shows me, or not.

There is also another way that we have been missing for a long time and that is unity in worship. We tend to go to a place and listen to what we should be doing and we are let down by all of this talk. Unity in worship is to praise him with our whole heart in  music and song and to seek and praise him. We miss being one with God. He lives in us before, during and after life.  We must find that during our life we need to plug in to our source and recharge daily, by seeking him in quiet meditation and prayer, worshiping him and letting him take charge and direct us with an open mind, then will we truly find peace, joy and contentment.

It’s simple but hard. NOT REALLY. We make it hard. We were light before we came here to this earth and light when we leave, and we are to be light on this earth simply by being love. Our sin, is not being the light of love. When we learn this we will help ourselves and our world.

Be the light of love you were meant to be. Start today and seek your source of light and love, to be filled to overflowing so you will have much to give.

Have a great blessed day!  You are worth it!  🙂


Find time

If you don’t take the time to still your mind, seek and find answers to life’s questions, you are missing so much in your experience here on earth.

Remember take time to quiet your mind today. Before going into your quiet time ask your question, let it go be still and when you are finished expect your answer. It will come. For me now that I’ve been doing it for a long time, my answer always comes. And yours will to.

Have a great day. 😀

I always wanted to

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard ” I always wanted to____________________________________”, you fill in the blank. Why do we want to do something in the first place? It is something put into us that I think we were meant to do. So why do we put it off with so many excuses. It is easier than ever these days to find out how to do something, now that we have the computer.  And there is a lot of help out there to make it happen. The bottom line is you have to make the effort to make it happen. One baby step at a time. First to listen to that voice within and then to do what that voice within is telling you to do. You will be guided to what you need.

Just remember YOU matter, YOU count, and what YOU have to say and do is your destiny on your journey and you should not let anything hold you back from what you know in your heart you need to do. Everyone has a purpose in life and we should not leave this world without completing our purpose. God uses each one of us in unique ways. We have stories to tell, music to write, people to help, and things we need to do to help ourselves. We have changes to make and so many things that we need to be doing that is in our heart and in our thoughts that was put there by the divine creator.

Yes it may seem hard and you may have to pick yourself up a few times trying to accomplish what it is you need to do. But you will find when you have finished your task, it was so worth it. And you will forget all you had to go through to make it happen.

Listen to the voice within and ask him to guide you and direct you every step of the way and he will show you. Just seek, listen and do, and it will be yours. He wants us to have the desires of our hearts if they are good, kind and helpful.

Don’t talk about it, do it. You can do it and will do it, if you never give up. YES YOU CAN!  🙂       (Baby steps will get you started)

Have a great day.  🙂















Working through

I’ve haven’t  been blogging because I’ve been working on things I put on the back burner. I have been shown a number of things to do but I don’t see them through till completion. Most of us have this brain that is constantly running, like on auto pilot that never shuts off. I find I have to battle that just like everyone else. I still take my times to be still, but sometimes I’m not taking enough time. I find myself all over the map and in all directions. This is the time to stop and refocus. Get back to more quiet time and find the peace and answers you need.

I stopped blogging to get my children’s book completed. I decided I needed to focus on one thing at a time and get it done. Sometimes multi tasking can keep us from getting anything done because we go from one project to the other. I can now say my book is completed and published, ” Salina rides her bike.”  It is selling for a higher price and I guess when they feel like bringing it down to a regular price they will do that. I can sell it at the price I want, which I am glad for that. 🙂

The other day feeling a bit weary I asked the question about ways to generate more income, while I was in my quiet time. What I got was “why do you ask for more ideas when you don’t do the ones I give you, do what you have started.” So I sat down with a pen and paper and wrote down all of the things I’ve been given to do. I counted 14 things. I am a writer, a song writer, an artist, and an inventor, and I love helping people and doing workshops. I have several books waiting to be completed and published, I have several songs I’ve written, 4 positive programming self help messages, I have an invention I’ve done nothing with, paintings I could sell, my blog, and a face book page and several other things I could be marketing. Why is it we never have enough and we always want more. And that puts us with no time and no productivity,  because we are all over the map.

So now it’s time to hone in on what is important and take one thing at a time and get these things done. If you are like me, make it a propriety to do the things you have been shown to do and then you will receive more. And don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion. If you have been given something follow it through till the end. Don’t give up on it for any reason. If it’s good ( meaning it won’t hurt anyone) then finish it. I have allowed peoples words and opinions to stop me from doing things way to many times. No more, I may not be perfect and that’s okay, I’m good enough.

If you look into successful people stories you will find that most, if not all have had roadblocks they have had to overcome.Don’t let the roadblocks stop you, find a way to get through them. You are worth it, and you are good enough just the way you are.   Have a great day.   🙂


Get on with it and do it!

I have read many great books, tons of self help books to succeed. I have bought many great diet books, I have done many great exercise work outs. I have spent lots of money on coaching classes.  And every one of them are great. Any one of them works. We can write or read a million good things, repeat a million quotes. But the bottom line and the only thing that will get you to your goal or desire, is yourself.

Take any good self help book you have read and just apply it to your life. Let your goals and desires get inside you and force you to accomplish what you want. Keep going and  never give up. If at any time you fall down, become discouraged, or want to throw in the towel, just say “NO I WILL NOT GIVE UP!, I WILL CONTINUE TILL I SUCCEED!”  ” I WILL WIN!” ” NOTHING WILL DEFEAT ME!”

I have done this. I’ve picked myself up a million times and I will keep picking myself up and continue on my journey to succeed and make my dreams become a reality. Let this be you as well.

Positive anything is great and will keep you in the game. But you must finally stop and analyze what is holding you back. You’ll find it is excuses and procrastination. Your desire to receive what you want has to take over. You have to get yourself to the point      ” I HAVE TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW”.

I found that I was stuck in the “filling myself up mode” with all kinds of uplifting ideas,  and ways to do it the right way. I buried myself in this kind of idea , thinking I was doing the right thing. I think we can live in this place of doing things, our whole life and never get out of that learning stage. You have to get to the white hot burning  stage that the time is NOW. I can’t wait another second. The only way to receive it is to do it. Let’s face it, the best way to get experience or to receive whatever it is you want is to take action and get it done.

If you are here, and all of this makes perfect sense to you. Then get out there and make it happen. You have everything you need to succeed. Listen to that voice within and go for it. The right answers have always been there waiting to guide you. Success is yours!

God bless you and have a great day 🙂



If you have a dream go for it

I have had many ideas and dreams in my life. Some have happened and some sit on a shelf getting dusty. Some of my ideas sitting on that shelf getting dusty, I look at and sadly say that because I let circumstances get in the way of accomplishing them, someone else made them a reality and are making it big from that idea. Sometimes I spent a lot of time on them and let someone’s negative remark stop me from making them a reality.

Don’t let this be you. I’m going to share a couple ideas I had but for reasons I did not pursue them. First being bottled water. When I was a kid there was no bottled water. As we all know now going places water taste different. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. And soda or juice doesn’t help you quench your thirst.  I would say at 10 years old I want to buy water in a bottle like soda. I want to be able to go to the soda machine and push a button and get a bottle of great tasting water.  ( I was 10 I didn’t know how to get adults to listen to me)

Everyone told me I was crazy and no one would ever pay for bottled water. Water is free why would people pay for it. I would say because some places the water taste so bad you don’t want to drink it. Guess what those people were so wrong.

Another idea, I worked hard on was positive programming. I made several messages years ago. I put a lot of time in these messages. But I let someones remark make me second guess myself. And put them on a shelf. Now how many messages are out there that help you with positive programming.

It is better to try and fail then to fail to try. You have a chance when you try and put your idea out there. If you don’t someone else will do it and you will be kicking yourself for giving up. Never give up on an idea. It just might be the greatest idea in the world.  You will never know unless you try.

Have a great day! You are worth it! You are powerful! You count!  🙂

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Are you letting negative vibrations control you?

I have always been amazed by the telephone. How our voice can travel anywhere in the world at a split second and the person on the other end hears you in that moment. You can be thousands of miles away but there you are hearing the person talk to you as if you are right next to them. Sometimes if that person is in a foul mood just from talking with them can get you in that same place. And you are not even in the same area.

Now lets take a look at something, our world has become filled with so much negative chatter its out of control. From being unhappy, angry, impatient, mean, inconsiderate, miserable cranky, intolerant people, that are constantly complaining about everything and anything, the air waves or vibrations are filled with this negative noise.   Now think about this. there are many many air wave frequencies traveling in the air transmitting tons of voices. I feel that all of these negative frequencies can and do affect us. I think these frequencies really do not help us to be positive happy people.

Then  add to this the  negative television ,news, movies, books, and all the other things that we allow ourselves to hear. You can’t help but see were all of this negative in ourselves and our world come from. It bombards us at every angle.

That is why we need to constantly go into our quiet place and recharge so we can keep ourselves protected from all this negative that is trying to fill us and consume our  positive self. Fill yourself with as much positive as you can. Change all your negative talk to positive talk.

Find peace joy and positive, go within and get recharged. Have a recharged day 🙂