Is your thoughts making you unhealthy?

I couldn’t sleep when I got into bed so I got back up to do some writing and seeking. I was lead to a phrase Wayne Dyer said from “A course in Miracles” If you know who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again. (Really think about that)

This lead me to a wealth of information when I googled A course in miracles, I guess I was ready for, this time. (was going to read this several times but never did) This had so many confirmations I needed on my path. As I read some of the book the words were jumping out at me answering lots of things I was rolling around in my head. And I mean the things that were on those pages I could have written myself. Once again I needed to be reminded of these things. Sometimes you have to take a real hard look to see even clearer. Or someones words will open you up even more.

We are being swallowed up by all kinds of  things such as the internet, computer, gaming, Television, and all that goes along with these electronic gadgets that keep our mind and thoughts busy to distracts us from life and our purpose, and how to stay connected to our inner guidance.

We have the power within us to fight the darkness that plagues us. We have a huge power given to us that resides in us, that is the Holy spirit.  We are a spiritual being living in a human body. We must really start to see this power is greater than we could ever imagine. Through our thoughts and what we allow into our mind can we change our lives completely. It is a constant work that we need to be doing daily if we want to live a happy, healthy, successful, prosperous life. It is possible if we let go of the worldly thinking and start connecting to our inner self and listen to what we need to do. Constantly throwing out the negative whispers that are making us fearful, depressed, anxious, sick, unhappy, and miserable.

Can it be done?  Yes it can. Wayne Dyer healed the incurable cancer he was told he had. By believing and doing the right things his inner voice was telling him to do. Get rid of all the negative whispers every second they try to penetrate your thoughts of great health, wealth, success and happiness. Anything that sounds bad is bad and it is keeping you in the place you don’t want to be.

I’d like to share a couple of other things that just happened. So,  I was directed to this cancer Wayne Dyer had. I read a lot about him today. Then as I was writing this blog someone came to me and told me bad news about  a relative just finding out they have a bad cancer. And I shared with them what I was being shown and how getting rid of the negative whispers through quiet time and positive thoughts and getting rid of these thoughts that are trying to eat you up. This person reaffirmed some of the things I wrote such as constantly plugging into electronics to program our thinking and distract us from what we need to do to have a great life. Was this all coincidence, I don’t think so.

Everything starts in our thoughts, it’s what we think and allow into our bodies. We are the creators of our lives, and it is controlled by what we allow into our thoughts. We can change our thoughts, because we were given free will to chose what we allow into our lives and our thinking. We have the power within to help us with every situation if we are willing to let it work in us and through us. God put this power in us. We can believe and stand on strong faith believing that we have kicked out the negative unhealthy bad things we do not want in our lives. or we can chose to let fear, doubt and worry destroy us. The choice is yours.

You have the power within you to overcome all things. Have a blessed day 🙂






Programming your Subconscious

I have known about programming your subconscious using a mantra, saying it 3 times a day for five to 10 minutes, in the morning during the day and at night. And have tried to do this a few times over the years. I have the tendency to be antsy, lose my focus and give up. I’ve always believed that it worked, but being human I don’t always have the determination to stick with it if I don’t see results instantly.

I decided this time it would be different. I recorded my message in my own voice on my phone and listen to it first thing in the morning through earbuds before getting up, during the day, I take the time to listen to it, and at night time after getting into bed. I had this thought in the back of my mind this will work. I got excited about doing this and really looked forward to this every time I listened to my message.

Things didn’t happen overnight, but I’m staying focused and patient.  And guess what?  Things are really coming together. Great things are happening, the dreams and desires are coming to pass and the answers I need are coming to me. Doors are opening.

When you truly want to change and make things happen, ” do the work needed”, and what you want will happen. All I did was download an app so I could record on my phone.  I recorded some mantras I got from Joseph Murphy’s books and added the desires I wanted to accomplish in my life. I listen to every word  I’m saying, staying focused, not letting my mind wonder away from the words I hear and stayed patient believing what I was doing would make things happen. And I am now in the possess of reaping the rewards.

I’ll keep you posted as to my results.  So simple yet so hard. Try it and be patient, focused and don’t give up. You will be amazed. Reaping the rewards you want.

Have a great day.  🙂


Communication and thought

Life can be so tough trying to understand everything going on around us. I would just like to take the time to share something that I have been researching for years. When we have a difference of opinion on something we may wonder how that person could repeat these things that you never said. How could they come up with these ideas that never were.

Have you ever heard the coin “Two sides to every story” why is that ? One side of the coin is, that people have the tendency to hear what they think they are hearing. And when in a negative place will only hear more negative. Not being at all what you were trying to get across. This happens time and time again

And unfortunately the other side of the coin is, we don’t always realize that what we are putting out there can be interpreted very negative and simply misunderstood, because of the negative in the situation. So both sides end up with a big mess of non communicating their thoughts.

So how can we change this craziness. Learn to ask questions because you will find that what you thought you heard was not at all what the person was saying. We each have our own take on what we have heard and a lot of the time it is interpreted incorrectly. Our brain can be a very tricky instrument. When we are in a negative place it is very easy to plug in more negative and add more fuel to the fire.

Communication is key to every good relationship.
Repeat back what you’ve heard and ask the person if what you have heard is correct. Simple yet hard. Have a great day ! 🙂

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Pennies,numbers,hearts are all signs

Lately I have been seeing and hearing a lot of people who see signs. Some are pennies, some are numbers, some people see hearts and triangles made of rock or other material. I have been lead to seeing these signs over the years as well. Sometimes, it’s a season of seeing pennies, then it was a season of hearts, then a season of numbers. I also have had birds, being in the right place at the right time to speak to me.

Now that I have learned that God will send his signs in lots of ways to show us he is with us and wants us to know we are not alone. He sends signs, and has sent his angels to be with us at all times through this journey we call life.

When you start to realize it is not a coincidence, you should realize that God and his angels are trying to communicate with you and give me more than just these signs. He wants to help us even more. This is why learning to go deeper than just surface signs, will help you find that there is so much more he wants to tell you and show you.

Now that I have learned this, I will see all of these signs and so much more, by tuning into the voice within I get all of the answers I desire. So when you see these signs, realize it is God trying to communicate with you more than you ever realized. I always love to get these signs. It helps me to be a stronger person. I am never alone. The spirit is with me always trying to get my attention to look within for more help.

Love these signs but learn to go deeper to see the help within. It doesn’t stop at just that simple sign, it’s a sign for you to awaken and seek the answers you need .

Have a great day.  🙂


A message from God

I woke up this morning and listened to my personal messages and did my meditation. Then I started receiving direction and messages, so I came up and started to write them down.


The first thing I was directed to was a message that talked about the fruits of the Holy spirit. Which are “Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.   I saw this and it made me realize most of us have lost these gifts. When I took a good look I realized we all do poorly in these areas.

The second thing I was directed to was a piece of paper that read “labor to enter into his rest”. To me that means spending quiet time to be able to hear God.  I felt led to go to Hebrews, so I went there and I read “Rest for the people of God”. Hebrews chapter  4. :1 Since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it.  In verse two it says, for we also have had the gospel preached to us, just as they did but the message they heard was of no value to them, because those who heard did not combine it with faith. And then I noticed a verse in a number of places that made me see God really wanted us to get this message, “Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts”.  These verses are talking about Moses people. They were taken care of by God yet did any of them enter into rest? No!  Because they did not seek God’s voice, have faith in God and spend quiet time to help them believe and to guide their path. In the verse it also says that entering into rest still stands today. Without entering into rest and quiet time you will never find rest.

The message I feel God was telling me was this.

My people have lost the fruit of the spirit “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.    Our ears are not hearing the voice of God. Because we are not going within and spending quiet time. We are quick to anger, impatient, unhappy, unkind, gruff in our ways, unloving which is making us harder, goodness is short lived, and self-control is becoming non- existent. Because we feel we have the right to say what’s on our minds not caring how we hurt someone, we do what we want, act the way we want, because we feel we are standing up for ourselves, taking charge of our lives, it’s our right. Think about it, is this making you happy?

Here is something else to think about when you do a good deed, say a kind word, or do something nice for someone, how does this make you feel? Does this give you joy? How does any act of kindness make you feel?  Does it give you a little happiness to have helped someone else in their time of need?

This leads back to the two greatest commandments in life and that is “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”, and the second is to “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

Once we learn to quiet our minds go within and find that inner peace and guidance we will be able to see things for what they are and we will be able to make the right decisions for our lives because we will find the rest we need and we will find answers. And we will also find the direction of love and all the fruits of the spirit. These gifts will give us our peace back. Our hope is in God. Bring him back into your life. Our world is falling away from God and it shows everywhere.

Have a great day, take time to be still and know your God. And you will see the signs he sends are everywhere, he will lead you to everything you need for your life.



Eagles start out just like you

God speaks to me a lot of times through birds. So I have to share with you about the eagles he sent to me in my back yard, on the mountain. I can see them perfectly from my  porch. The pair of eagles come make their nest, lay eggs, babies hatch, parents feed them and take care of them. They get bigger and bigger the same size as their parents. They start to stand on the nest and flap their wings and get strong. Parents continue to feed them and take care of them. It’s time for them to leave the nest. Here is where I’ll start my story.

We think these creatures are so majestic and we always refer to them as strong, in control awesome symbols. They start out helpless and need guidance and nurturing just like we do. They are content to stay in the nest and wait for their parents to come and feed them. They don’t worry about anything because their parents take good care of them. But then they start getting restless, and when the parents aren’t there when they need them they start squawking and then more squawking. And before you know it that’s all they do, all day long.

I watched and timed it one day and it was every couple of minutes. Quite annoying I may say. They want to leave but they are afraid. They are in a place where their not happy staying, but are afraid to take that leap and fly.  Then one day they get enough courage to leap and fly. The parents are there every step of the way. But the eaglets come back to the nest over and over again, squawking and squawking and more squawking, because the parents leave them more and more. They don’t realize that they are strong capable creatures, they can’t see how they will soar and take control of their lives. So for at least a month straight they continue to be a pest and squawk and bug their parents to take care of them. Till one day they finally get it, take control of their lives and become the majestic creature God intended them to be.

We are all like the eaglets. We have to go through the motions to become strong and independent. To become the creatures we were intended to be. Just don’t be in that annoying stage for your whole life where you’re afraid to take the leap and soar. Or take the leap a few times only to come back over and over and continue to squawk for help from your parents or from anyone that will hear you and try to help you. Be the eaglet that finally soars and becomes the eagle you’re suppose to be.

Become the eagle. You have the power. Take control. Have a great day! Blessings  🙂


Your words come back to you.

W hether you say good things or bad things you might think they are not being heard but they are and will be remembered. 🙂  The other day my 6 year old grand son wanted me to stay with him while he played this game he was afraid of. I told him everything was in his thoughts and it was his thoughts that were making him afraid. He then decided he didn’t want to play the game. I of course helped him to see why playing a game like that was not a good thing.

Then  the next day I was at his house and we were talking about something that was high up, sky diving and I said I wouldn’t be doing that. He looked at me with a cute look and smile and said B (he calls me B) it’s all in your thoughts. How right he was and I had to laugh, him using my words.

This also happened with my grand daughter when she was 5 years old. She had to go to the bathroom and I was parked at the very end of the parking lot waiting for my daughter and didn’t want to walk that far because we were going somewhere together, and I was in a hurry.  I was leaving my car there to ride with her mom. I had been listening to one of my messages and it said I like to park far away from the store, it helps me get more exercise. Needless to say I walked really fast the entire length of the parking lot and to the other end of the store and back and I did it quite fast. 🙂

Just remember your words are heard and will be remembered. Even when you need to hear them, from someone else. Like little children. Practice what you speak.

Just a couple of cute stories to remind you, what you say matters, and can help others as well as yourself. Have a blessed day.  🙂